CGS Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Clover Garden Charter School continues to place a great deal of responsibility with our students as it relates to the use of technology in the classroom and now at home for high school students. There are rules relating to our computer system that must be followed and you are receiving this Acceptable Use Policy in order to make those rules and responsibilities clear.
Parents and students should read these rules carefully and acknowledge receipt of these rules by signing the form with your student(s) and returning it to the school. Your student(s) will not receive access to the computer system until the form has been signed by a parent and the student and returned to CGS.

For those students in high school, students will not receive a take home computer until the form has been signed by a parent and the student and returned to CGS.

By signing this form, you and your child agree to abide by the following rules:

 If assigned a laptop computer, the laptop computer assigned to your student belongs to CGS and is provided free of charge. Students are expected to take excellent care of the equipment. Physical damages to the computer will be charged back to the student based on the below schedule and students may also have to perform community service work at the school if the damage was caused by gross negligence. Broken Screen: $125 Broken keyboard or keys missing: $75 Lost or missing charger: $30 Lost, missing, or broken battery: $40 Missing silver end caps (only applies to the blue computers): $16 Broken bottom/side outer casing (including battery charging port): $100 Dropped resulting in hard disk damage: $100 Damage beyond repair (water damage, etc): $250 Lost or stolen computer: $400

 Students or parents should not load or upgrade any software applications without express permission of a member of our staff. Students should also refrain from deleting or removing any software applications without express permission of a staff member.

 Internet sites containing pornographic, violent, or other unacceptable content may not be visited either at home or on school property. Accessing, producing, posting, displaying or sending offensive messages, music, or images, including images of exposed private body parts is prohibited. Offensive material includes but is not limited to obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, or sexually suggestive language or images. Sending false or defamatory information about a person or organization is prohibited. Harassing, threatening, insulting or attacking others is prohibited. Computers will not be used for electronic intimidation via Facebook, Skype, OooVoo, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social networking site. Doing so is a violation of North Carolina law. CGS has internet content filters and software in place to track violations of this policy and we have the ability to monitor software and student activities on the computer in real-time. These reports will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the acceptable use policy.

 Parents should monitor student computer use at home to insure compliance with CGS rules and regulations.

 Students are reminded not to share their password with anyone except a parent or guardian. Students should not use login ID’s and passwords belonging to other students or faculty and staff members.

 Email correspondence on the CGS system, the laptop, or making use of the student’s assigned email account is the property of CGS. Documents and other files created by the students and located on the laptops or the CGS computer system are also property of CGS.

 Students who are assigned laptops will make sure their computer batteries are completely recharged before classes start for the day. Students will also bring their computer to school every day. Failure to do either may result in a failing grade on assignments that require the use of the computer.

 Data generated by students is backed up nightly as long as students follow directions about where to store content they create. Student work should be stored in the My Documents folder and NOT on the desktop. Students should not store personal music files (e.g. iTunes) in the My Documents folder. Copyrighted material should not be stored on the CGS system or on student assigned laptops unless granted a specific license to do so by the owner of the content. This includes but is not limited to music, videos, books, pictures, etc.

 Teachers will be using our technology to communicate with students. Students should check email, tasks, and calendars frequently throughout the day and respond to CGS teachers/staff as appropriate.

 Students should not send spam (e.g. funny jokes and cute sayings found on the internet) and should not sign up for subscription services using the CGS email account without permission of the CGS staff.

 Students should only use computers during class if authorized to do so by a faculty member and only for the purpose stated by the faculty member.

 Hacking or attempting to gain unauthorized access to the Clover Garden Charter School’s network for the purpose of stealing and/or corrupting data is prohibited.

 Any other use in violation of Clover Garden Charter School policies or federal or state law is prohibited.

The following consequences may apply if a student violates this policy. Any of the below consequences may be enforced alone or in conjunction with one another by the school against the violating student.

Revocation or limitation of computer access privileges. Temporary or permanent confiscation of the student computer, Disciplinary action as provided for in the student handbook, Any other sanctions or remedies provided by law.

I have read CGS’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy and understand there may be consequences as outlined above for the student if I/he/she/we violate the policy.
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