Scrip…what is that? How could it possibly help us?

Scrip actually means anything used in the place of money. In this case we are talking about gift cards from local and national vendors.

Do you buy gift cards? Buy them through school and the school receives a percentage from each order. Easy money! Nothing extra out of your pocket! It’s the same as buying a gift card from a store except that the retailers have agreed to give a portion back to the school.

How does this translate into a fundraising program for our school?

- Here are a few things that it doesn’t mean!…No door to door selling!

- No boxes of merchandise to ask our friends, family and neighbors to purchase.

- No embarrassment when it arrives and we must deliver it back to the families who were generous enough to purchase something they didn’t want or need in the first place!! United Scrip purchases millions of dollars’ worth of gift cards (SCRIP) yearly from national vendors. PTT then purchases these same cards from United Scrip at a discount. We in turn offer this scrip to our parents at face value. You receive dollar for dollar the value of cash for these items. We earn from 1.5%-25% on every purchase you make! It’s that simple! No door-to-door sales! No added expenses!

How do I help?

Every year nonprofits face shortfalls, and unfortunately, the bottom line is that the needs of the programs they support suffer. As parents and members we want to help, but we also have limited funds available to donate. Clover Garden PTT is partnering with UnitedScrip to provide a program that will be a continual source of help. UnitedScrip’s program will allow you as a parent, member, or supporter to make a choice, weekly, to direct your normal purchases for essentials…milk, eggs, gas, clothing to retailers that partner with our organization.

When do I order?

You may place your order online anytime, or you may send a paper order to school on Monday morning with payment. If you place your order online, you may pay online or send payment in on Monday morning. The orders will be compiled on Monday morning and will be filled on Thursday. See the New User Flyer for Scrip Zone for directions and code for our school. We will also have Lowe’s Foods and Food Lion Grocery cards available for purchase. These cards will be held in inventory, not purchased online.

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