Afternoon Car Rider Pickup Procedures

Dear Parents, Students, and Staff:  Our children’s safety during pickup and drop off is our most important priority.  Please carefully read and follow these traffic patterns.  Drive slowly on campus and remember that many parents, students, and little ones will not be familiar with process and procedures.
Afternoon pickup procedure:

All Parents enter the Clover Garden Campus through the Birch Bridge Entrance.  The driveway will have cones down the middle of it – dividing it into left and right sides.  Please make sure your name tag containing your children’s name and grade is visible on your dashboard.



A CGS staff member or volunteer will direct you to enter either the left or right hand lane.  We will load you in the order that you arrive at school.  You will be queued in 12 car blocks.  Drive slowly and safely down the driveway.  It can be narrow at certain points.


Pull forward – as you near the construction zone, you will turn left and travel through the new south parking lot.  Wind through the south parking lot staying in your appropriate lane that you entered (left or right). A CGS staff member will proceed down the line reading off your child’s name and your position in line.  While you are waiting in line, your child will be travelling to the correct pickup location.


When instructed, you will be asked to pull forward to the pickup area at the front of the school.  Another set of cones with identical numbering on them will be visible.  Proceed to the cone that is numbered the position that you were in line.  Your child will be directed to go to that same location.  Please exit the campus slowly and carefully.  If your child is delayed, you may be asked to move to a different location for pickup.



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