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Our program currently uses multiple methods on a daily schedule to enrich our Title 1 students. Some of the methods include: language enrichment worksheets, the textbook "Language! The Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum", the Successmaker Software program for both math and reading, and assorted online math websites (see links below) along with the Study Island online program. The Title I application is in the CFO's office and available to the public at anytime.  Click <<here>> to see how the State Board of Education defines the Title 1 program.

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Tips to Improve Your Child's Education

Read together

Children who read at home with their parents perform better in school. Show your kids how much you value reading by keeping good books, magazines, and newspapers in the house. Let them see you read. Take them on trips to the library and encourage them to get library cards. Let children read to you, and talk about the books.

Use TV wisely

Academic achievement drops sharply for children who watch more than 10 hours of television a week, or an average of more than two hours a day. Parents can limit the amount of viewing and help children select educational programs. Parents can also watch and discuss shows with their kids.

Establish a daily family routine

Studies show that successful students have parents who create and maintain family routines. Establish a regular time for homework , set aside a quiet, well lit place, and encourage children to study. Routines generally include time performing chores, eating meals together, and going to bed at an established time.

Keep in touch with the school

Families who stay informed about their children's progress at school have higher-achieving children. To keep informed, parents can visit the school or talk with teachers on the telephone. Get to know the names of your children's teachers, principals, and counselors. Attend PTA and Board of Education meeting.

Use community resources

Family-oriented community resources may include health care services, housing assistance, adult education, family literacy, and employment counseling. Families can reinforce their children's learning by going to libraries, museums, free concerts, and cultural fairs together.

Adapted from "How Parents Can Help Their Children Do Better in School" from the Partnership for Family Involvement in Education by the New Jersey Parent Information and Resource Center

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