CGS hosts the Zorro chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH)This Spanish Honor Society was founded by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese in 1953, for the students of North American secondary schools.  It is an honor society based on education and service. Meetings are twice a month at lunchtime.  Students must maintain a 93 overall average to be selected for induction.  The members must maintain that average to stay in the club as well as participate in service projects.   Inductions are held annually in May.  Senior members of the SHH receive Honors Cords to wear at graduation; the society colors are red and gold.

CGS also has a non-grade-related Spanish Club for those students who love Spanish.  The Spanish Club meets at the same time as the SHH and participates in the same service projects.  There is no membership cost for the Spanish Club (unlike the SHH), but there is a nominal charge for club T-shirts.  To join, members must be enrolled in a Spanish class at CGS.

When possible, the SHH and Spanish Club take lunch-time field trips to hispanic restaurants so that the students can experience the culture and cuisine in person.  Any monies raised by the Spanish Club during the school year are used to offset the cost of T-shirts and to buy gas for field trip buses.

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