Dear Parents, Students, and Staff:  Our children’s safety during pickup and drop off is our most important priority.  Please carefully read and follow these traffic patterns.  Drive slowly on campus and remember that many parents, students, and little ones will not be familiar with process and procedures.

Morning Drop off Procedure:

Please enter Clover Garden Campus via the Birch Bridge Entrance.  Proceed slowly and carefully! Pull forward – as you near the construction zone, you will turn left and travel through the new south parking lot. Wind through the south parking lot staying in your  lane.  Proceed to the furthest forward traffic cone before allowing your child out of your car.  Follow the directions of CGS Staff – they will be there to help get your child safely through the unloading zone.



All students with parking passes have purchased the right to park on our Clover Garden campus.  All Seniors may park in the front portion of the school in the marked spaces around the traffic circle.  These spaces are first come, first serve and will not be reserved exclusively for you.  All Juniors, Sophomores, or Freshmen drivers may park along the West side (cow pasture) of the school.  Drainage and additional rocks have been installed.  Pull in front-ways and avoid leaving excess space between vehicles.

Land use regulations prevent us from parking any portion of any car on grass areas.  Drive carefully and slowly on campus.  There are many young students on campus at all hours.  Failure to do so may result in revocation of your parking privileges. 

Staff members:
Staff members are asked to voluntarily park in the Church parking lot to help alleviate congestion.  If you cannot or are unable, you may park in the West lot (cow pasture side) or on the concrete North side of the building (but not in the traffic circle), or parallel park along the softball fence.  A shuttle will be provided for staff members on Monday.

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