Parents and Teachers Together (PTT)

PTT meets at 7:00 pm in the cafeteria quarterly. Please check the school Event Calendar. These meetings serve as your opportunity to discuss issues that pertain to your child’s education. Please take time to come to these meetings.

All schools depend on parent volunteers. Charter schools in particular have a need for parent involvement due to the fact that we perform many functions independent of outside assistance. The more help parents can give through the spirit of volunteerism the better the school’s resources can be allocated directly to the needs of the students. It is the hard work of the parents that help alleviate some the burden of teachers and administrators allowing them to focus their efforts fully on educating our children.  Each family is asked to contribute four hours of volunteer time a month. There are various committees within PTT that can utilize your special talents. Please review the various committees to see if one interests you. Also, PTT encourages you to communicate with teachers and administration regarding other ways that you may serve within the school. From outside maintenance to grant writing there are countless areas you can be of assistance, so if you are unsure of what you can do simply ask.

 2017 Fundraiser

Spring Fundraiser Flyer 2017

Spring Fundraiser Info Setup and Forms 2017

5K Registration 2017


If you have general questions that we can help you with, please visit the Good to Know page to see if we have already answered that question.  Submit any questions to the email address below.

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Officers 2016-2017

TBD - - - - - - - - - - - President

Stephanie Davis  - - - - -  Vice-President

Julie Robertson  - - - - - - - Secretary

Tanya Brooks - - - - - - Treasurer

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